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U12 & U13 QNC Developing Umpires Program

This form is for our U12 & U13 players in relation to our QNC Young Umpires Development Program.
  • Every young Umpire at QNC must have a Mentor with them. This is either a Parent or a Paid Mentor ( an experienced Umpire who can mentor your child through their game). ** You do not need to know the rules to be there for your child. You need to know how to deal with the odd parent who might approach Umpires at intervals or the over zealous supporters who might need a good side eye to let them know they need to pipe down ** Coaches & Managers are not responsible for developing your child as an Umpire. They are already one of our awesome Volunteers. When your child is umpiring, it isn't drop & go, you are either available and making sure you are their advocate if something goes wrong or you have organised a paid mentor from the Club.