Welcome to Season 2021 and our Queensie Young Umpires Program.
We are currently planning our 2021 Season and would like to get an indication as to which of our young players might like to develop their umpiring in 2021.  There is a link below we are asking all players to complete.
Moving forward, umpiring for the top team in the 12’s & 13’s is compulsory.  These teams benefit from all sorts of experiences and programs and opportunities as players and we expect that in return, they will learn to umpire and participate in the Queensie Young Umpires Program.  Expect to be umpiring every second week, not only 2-3 times per Season. With regular umpiring like this – you will improve, grow in confidence and enjoy your umpiring.
However in 2021, we are thinking of making the opportunity to umpire optional to our other players in the U12 & U13 age groups.  Obviously if we do not get a good take up, we will need to revisit this approach and revert to making it compulsory across these age groups.
We understand that in some of our lower grades we have kids playing netball for the first time, kids who have not enjoyed their first experience of umpiring, kids who are riddled with anxiety thinking about having to umpire. We don’t want this for anyone !  If you want to opt out we get it, but please think about it first.  And, we would also say this.  Some of our best Umpires have not come from A grade teams nor have they played rep netball – just quietly they can be our worst !!  Many of our best Umpires have come from other grades who love their netball, want to be more involved and have a great willingness to give new experiences a go and grow from the challenge. They listen, they learn, they put themselves out there.
We are holding a compulsory, 2-session format of Intro to Umpiring for U12s & U13s with Suncorp Super Netball Umpire & Queensie mum Michelle Phippard. Michelle will cover the basics, set you some homework and get you started on your Umpiring Pathway. We are incredibly lucky to have Michelle at our Club and willing to do this with our kids in between her own Umpiring Commitments, her family and her full time job !  Even if you’re wondering about it and undecided – come along and check it out.
For our U12’s this is your first opportunity to hear all about the Umpiring Pathway.  For our U13’s it is an excellent refresher after a very short umpiring season last year and your skills need to be further developed. Each session is only 1.5 -2.0 hours.  ** 1 parent per child needs to be present **.
Sessions :-
Wed 24 March
@ Curl Curl Netball Courts
Sat 27 March
@ Curl Curl Netball Courts
We will have a third session once the season starts for all your questions – likely end April / Early may.
In making a decision over whether you would like to umpire this Season I would ask that each player considers this first ;
  • You are part of a volunteer club.
    Nobody gets paid for any of the work they do and we rely on the community to support and help our Club operate.  If you don’t volunteer in this way – how else will you volunteer as individuals and a family.
  • Being an Umpire provides kids with an alternative development pathway.  
    Not every kid can pursue representative playing or coaching pathways and in some cases, Umpiring is the alternative. There are ample opportunities to get involved at a representative level as an Umpire with MWNA and beyond.
  • Umpiring can be rewarding.
    There are lots of fringe benefits that come with membership of any netball club and as one of our umpires it’s no different; friendship, service, fun and a sense of belonging.
  • Umpiring can provide challenges.
    Life is not easy and being an Umpire sets up kids to take on challenges and develop their general skill sets.  The decision to umpire is a testament to your character. Your willingness to work outside of your comfort zone sets a solid example for the players you will umpire children.
  • Umpiring can provide a nice income as an older teenager with QNC
    More and more we are recognising that our more experienced teen umpires, generally min 16 years, are looking for paid work and this could take them away from netball and Queensie netball.  We are trying to provide an alternative that keeps them in the game, part of our Club and developing their skills – playing, umpiring & coaching.
We do believe that with slightly less Umpires, those that are interested will get to umpire more often and this will assist with skill development and confidence and provide a happier experience.
So, we would like to get an indication of those U12 & U13’s who are keen / not keen to umpire. Let me reiterate that our 12As and 13Bs must umpire. It’s compulsory.
Please click on this link and complete.

U12 & U13 QNC Developing Umpires Program

This form is for our U12 & U13 players in relation to our QNC Young Umpires Development Program.
  • Every young Umpire at QNC must have a Mentor with them. This is either a Parent or a Paid Mentor ( an experienced Umpire who can mentor your child through their game). ** You do not need to know the rules to be there for your child. You need to know how to deal with the odd parent who might approach Umpires at intervals or the over zealous supporters who might need a good side eye to let them know they need to pipe down ** Coaches & Managers are not responsible for developing your child as an Umpire. They are already one of our awesome Volunteers. When your child is umpiring, it isn't drop & go, you are either available and making sure you are their advocate if something goes wrong or you have organised a paid mentor from the Club.
Managers – Please follow up with your Team to 1) Ensure they have received the email and 2) Have access the link and completed the form whether they are interested or not.
If they would like to get started here are a couple of resources :-
  • Very 2021 … an App !! International Netball Federation “Official Rules of Netball” app for iOS and Android Devices.
  • Not so 2021, but also not 1990 either …. Online Portal …https://netball.com.au/rules-netball
  • And once you get there you can order your printed handbook if you’re like me and prefer something in your hand to flick through.