Coaching Resources


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Positional Areas On Court
A useful resource for teaching all players court positions and where each player is and isn’t allowed to play on the court.
Season Record
A sheet on which to record the amount of playing time each team member receives throughout the season.
Individual player statistics
A sheet on which to record various statistics for each player in regard to good and bad general play and shooting.
Game observations
A sheet on which to record individual player and game comments to assist with quarter, half and full time discussions and training session planning.
Training session plan
A two page sheet on which to plan and record your training sessions.
Nettas Do’s and Dont’s
Netta Netball rules
2019 Coaching Presentation
End of Season – Coaching Appraisal

Required by the Grading Conveynor at the end of the Season to assist with grading the following year

Team Review Document – Coaches 2018
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