It was great to see so many kids at the Sunday Skills Session yesterday. Apologies in advance if they ask you to pass their netballs with them –  you can blame us as we did suggest they get some great shoulder passes going this week. They need to spend the first couple of days this week practising opposite hands / feet without a ball to start with and transferring weight as they do this, along with moving their feet.  Give them any of those terms and they should be able to explain what that means !

Everyone is now in their teams for the Season and we will not be answering any more appeals to the grading process.  The kids have been watched through the end of NSG Winter 2019, U9 Gala Day at the end of their NSG experience, Spring Comp and Grading in Feb 2020 plus we have received Coaches’ Reviews.  They have had ample opportunities to get on the court in front of varied selectors.  Our Committee is made up of Volunteers and to keep receiving appeals, about the same cases, when we have already answered them, with all due respect it is no longer tenable.

We have a clear grading policy and club policy which nobody objected to when they registered and in fact everyone agree to both. We provide an Appeals process as a matter of courtesy.   We attempt to find friends for players if possible and sometimes it simply isn’t. This is made abundantly clear throughout the end of U9’s and in the lead in to teams being announced.  Please also be aware that the growth of players is very different across the U10 Age Group also and you will find there are significant changes at the end of this year as players grow under different coaches, maybe grow into their bodies, have more time on the court in a position that suits them, spend more time watching other netball games and learn more about the game etc, etc.

The majority of our Committee is made up of parents who have had multiple children play for the Club, we have played netball ourselves and made lifelong friendships through the Teams we have joined and have found our daughters in teams that range from A to F grade making new friendships.  Team sport is about making new friendships, taking on personal challenges, playing for these new found friends and alongside them and growing through the process.    I cannot recommend highly enough the article link below by Beyond Blue – a mental health service – that discusses the benefits of team sport … even when you don’t know a soul in your Team.

The Mental Health Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

Please, on behalf of the Club.  Encourage your children to embrace the opportunity in front of them. To take on new friendships and new coaches. To become part of a Club that provides countless opportunities for our members. And to you, the parent body, please think about volunteering above and beyond the odd canteen duty and immerse yourself in the Club culture and you will witness how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep this Club dynamic, growing and relevant in a fast changing team sports environment.

The time for appeals is over. Let’s move into the Season with passion and pride and have a great Netball Winter 2020 Competition.