As you would be aware, the structure of umpiring at Queenscliff has changed shape this season.  Albeit still Umpire Your Own.

Due to Gill taking on a new (FT with Saturdays) job her availability at the courts on Saturday morning will be limited to the first week of play only. Gill will be at the courts after midday each week to help with anything in the afternoon and to mentor those going for their badge or just needing a hand.

Please try and be prepared and proactive with managing the Umpiring Roster so that we can keep Gill’s admin load to a minimum and continue to keep Gill involved with our Umpiring Program. Thank you in advance !

I have attached a sample Umpiring Letter being sent out by the 13Bs to their Players regarding Umpiring. It is a good template to use.


The following is an overview of the Season and what is needed.  I have copied in all the Coaches & Managers from U10 through to Seniors.

U10 & U11 don’t need to organise any Umpires but it’s a good idea for you to reach out to the Team who are doing your Umpiring and be proactive in making sure they have the details, are aware of any schedule changes etc.  Take the time to create a relationship.

  • Juniors 10-14’s

Gill has paired each team up with another team to cover umpiring for the season.  For example, the 12A’s will umpire the 10A’s, the 15A’s will umpire the 13A’s etc.

It will be up to managers and coaches to ensure their team fulfills their umpiring requirements.  

  • 15 years, Cadets and Seniors

You will need to source your own umpires.  You can organise a swap with another team or alternatively choose an umpire from the paid umpires list.  The reasons Gill did not allocate umpiring across these Age groups includes a few reasons; an  imbalance in playing times, the time between matches and the feedback from previous years about teams paying good umpires and not getting the benefit of that umpire.

 You will see an Allocation Doc linked below

Please be proactive and introduce yourselves to your allocated Team and get on top of Player Allocations as umpires early.

  • Signing On Umpires Each Week by Thursday 8pm – Online Function via our QNC Website.

All teams will need to submit the name of their umpire via the sign up form above on the Queenscliff website by Thursday 8pm each week.  

This will enable any changes to happen in a timely fashion.   Please use the following link to input these details.

  • Match Day

– No physical sign in on the day. We will not have our tent or a sign-in desk in 2020 to avoid having people hanging around.

– If Members cannot make their allocated / arranged Umpiring Duty trhey need to find a replacement.  We will not be providing Standby Umpires in 2020 – again, to avoid members hanging around.

– “Get In , Play / Umpire / Coach / Mentor , Get Out”

– If Members are playing before or after their Umpiring Duties, they will need to leave their Hub and re-enter the hub they are moving towards. They can access a MWNA Lanyard if needed to allow movement between hubs without being queried.

– Know your court & timing and then Know your hub entry & exit and follow those directions

– Umpires are to provide their own white t-shirt to wear over the top of their Queenscliff uniform – no sharing bibs / tees due to COVID-19 restrictions.

– No Queenscliff umpire bibs are allowed to be provided.

– No sharing of whistles. If kids forget theirs they will be able to purchase one at the Tower on Match Day. Limited number available.

– No sharing of any Umpiring Kit.

– No touching the ball unless absolutely necessary (toss up, avoid if possible – please just make a decision), no chasing the ball out of court – let players do that.

– Umpires must have their own hand sanitiser, whistle, hair elastic to keep centre passes.

– If you suspect a player is unwell during a match, please send a parent to the MWNA Managed Covid Tent (see Map) to fetch one of the MWNA Officials rather than deal with it yourself.

  • Mentoring

Juniors will still need a suitable mentor while they are umpiring.  Anyone who would like to mentor needs to complete a mentor application form – email Gill.

Ideally, mentors should be two or more years older than the umpire and should have spent considerable time with me learning to umpire and or mentor.  They should be strong umpires themselves.

Last year some girls saw it as a money making opportunity rather than a teaching / mentoring moment.  Some did not have enough experience or time spent with Gill learning how to mentor correctly.  The Club feels very strongly about this as the message sent to our junior umpires needs to be consistent for their learning and promote a positive experience for each girl, mentor and umpire.  Mentors should be paid $15 by the umpire they are assisting before the match commences.

A Paid Mentor List is linked below if Parents don’t feel comfortable.

  • Paid Umpires

If you would like to be a paid Umpire – please visit this form via our website.

Should you wish to pay an umpire to complete your umpiring for you, we have a list we can send out.      Please email Gill to request the paid umpire list.   We do not publish the list publicly.

Anyone keen to be paid to umpire can fill in the form on the link. Please circulate to your players.  The Club will not organise paid umpires in 2020 – players & teams will need to manage this themselves.

A pay schedule will follow but it will probably look something like this:

Unbadged – $25

C badge – $35

B badge – $40

A badge – $45 – $50 depending on experience

This is a different approach but Gill is now working FT and specifically Sat mornings and as a CLub we need to help her out to keep her managing our Program.



Gill’s Contact Details :-

Gill Fogarty    (yes a name and email change too)


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and wishing your teams the best for the season.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need clarification or help.

Warm Regards

QNC Committee

Team Template for Umpiring 2020 Paid Mentor List 2020 Umpiring Schedules 2020

Paid Mentor List 2020

Team Template for Umpiring 2020

MWNA Court Plan Sectioned for 500 Participant limit