Team Appraisal

It is essential that all coaches of teams in the 9 – 13 years age groups complete a Team Appraisal form at the end of the season. This is an essential tool in the grading process and it is used when assessing the grades of players for the following season.

We appreciate, however, that once the season finishes the last thing coaches will want to do is think about netball!! For this reason, a team appraisal form will be distributed to all coaches via email towards the end of the season for your completion and should be returned to the Grading Convenor at as soon as possible after the last game of the season.

The form can be downloaded directly from this section of the website below.

It is our hope that as you coach your team members, you will think about the sort of feedback you could provide on each player, that will not only assist the QNC Grading Committee should your players choose to play netball for Queenscliff again, but will also do your players justice. Your comments will remain strictly confidential in that only the QNC Grading Committee members will be privy to this information. Therefore be as honest as you can when assessing your players strengths and weaknesses.

We cannot stress highly enough how useful a well thought out and honest appraisal can be in the following years grading process.


   Team Appraisal Form


Coaches can download the Player Of the Match certificate by clicking the link below, print it out and award it to the player they feel deserves this award after each game.

   Player of The Match Certificate