Thank you to all players for trialing in such a gracious manner over the last couple of weeks.  Thank you also to the parents for understanding our Covid restrictions and dropping kids off at PCYC – especially our first timers and youngest players – the U10’s and families.

We are thankful to all our returning players, and to all of our new players, we say welcome to Season 2021 with Queensie Netball.

We understand that not every player will be thrilled with their selection. We ask you to consider this before complaining in front of our young players and / or to the Club.

Will you make new friends in your team ?

Will you have fun ?

Will you continue to learn and develop skills ?

Will you still be part of a team ?

Will you get another chance next year ?

The answer will always be yes – no matter where our players end up.

We also understand that some teams wanted to stay together.  On the whole this has not really been able to occur in 2021.  Some of these “social teams” have players of hugely varying levels and those kids deserve to be with players of equal ability so they are challenged and embark on a growth trajectory regardless of grade.

We will open up to appeals for a strict 24hours.  We are very comfortable with where we have graded players and have great feedback from Graders and previous coaches that has all been taken into consideration.

If you would like to appeal you have until 5pm Thursday 18 February.  Email

After this date, we won’t respond to any appeals regardless of conditions. We have to get on with finding coaches and managers and close of registration for a record 52 teams.

We can’t wait to see the kids at the court.  We have some super exciting programs planned to get our Club netball ready for April & Round 1.

If you would like to Coach or Manage please contact Gabby Hardaker our Coaching Convenor.

If you would like to take on the Uniform Convenor Role please contact Alice Hurley our Club Secretary

Have a great Season !

QNC Committee


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