Covid-19 Update on a Return to play for Netball 2020

As per the QNC Committee email of 19 May 2020 ….

At this point we would like to ensure that all QNC Members understand that a return to training by MWNA has been flagged, however there are a LOT of questions that need to answered before we give QNC teams the green light to recommence training.  Our questions not only focus on the actual health & safety procedures around training (see below) but also around insurance and legal protection. Specifically, on the insurance front, we need to understand what liability issues exist if it can be established that a person contracted COVID-19 as a result of participating in a communal sporting competition. MWNA are still awaiting legal advice on this. We have a lot of young coaches & umpires involved with Teams and we need to ensure they are protected as are our army of adult volunteers who help Coach, Umpire, Mentor, Manage and work on the QNC Committee and are Office Bearers.

Until we give QNC Teams the OK to move forward to training, please refrain from doing so. 

If you would like to see what a return to training involves please SEE BELOW and the NEXT TWO POSTS.
Until we receive more information we cannot give a green light.  I understand a number of MWNA Clubs are in a similar holding pattern. In the meantime we will get prepared behind the scenes to ensure a smooth return when we can.

Please keep up to date with our tips and techniques for training on social media.

Warm regards,
QNC Committee 2020