To minimise the chance of infection with Novel COVID-19 virus, or Coronavirus, health authorities advise taking simple precautions that should allow people to go about their normal work and sport.  In saying this whilst nothing on the Netball Calendar is as yet cancelled, please stay in touch with our website and social media pages in case this should change.

After researching what other sports & associations & clubs are doing we have created a handy checklist for our Members.  This information is subject to change as the nature of the Virus and ensuing infections modifies.


  • No handshaking and hugging at the start or conclusion of games. This has already been mandated at schools. Please come up with your own show of sportsmanship – perhaps a thumbs up or some sort of tik-tok style dance ! Have fun with it.
  • Make alcohol-based hand wash available in your team kit and accessible at training and during any matches. Please encourage clean hands at the beginning and conclusion of training and games. If you don’t have sanitiser, carry pump soap in the kit bag and use this in the bathrooms or under taps at the Courts.
  • Those with flu-like symptoms should self-exclude themselves from playing, training, and spectating for 14 days.
  • Use labelled water bottles. They should be single person use. Do not carry them in one carry-on facility. Do not allow sharing of drinks. Encourage filling up of drink bottles at home and not at the Courts. Drink bottles should be held by Parents & Guardians and given to children in breaks only & handed straight back.
  • Gloves should be worn when attending to players with injuries – especially against blood exposure but also to prevent contact with sweat and saliva.
  • No share lollies or fruit.
  • No share whistles. Please bring your own. Kit Bags should have a couple of spare whistles in packaging if needed in an emergency.
  • Bibs should be washed after every training & game.
  • Balls should be washed after every training & game with a disinfectant wipe as a minimum.  Encourage kids to bring their own netballs to training that are cleaned on arrival and cleaned on departure.
  • First Aid Kits & equipment should be wiped down after any training or game if used.
  • NOTE: Viruses can be transmitted by most body fluids, such as mucus, blood and possibly sweat. They can be contracted through mouth, nose and EYES.


Further information on Coronavirus management from the

Australian Institute of Sport can be found by clicking here.

MWNA Have released a statement and it can be found by clicking here


  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow and sanitise immediately thereafter.
  • Try and stay at least 1.5 metres away from people coughing or sneezing.
  • Please stay away from training & games if you have been in contact with someone who is being tested or of you show any of the symptoms.

Information courtesy of Sutherland Hockey Club, Mosman Harbourside Hockey Club, Queenscliff Netball Club.