If you are short players you will need to borrow from other teams.  The good news is that  players are now allowed to play more than 1 game on game day, that is they can play for their own team and fill in for another team in a different timeslot.

However, it is extremely important that everyone is aware that players can only fill in for other teams twice over the entire season, filling in on a 3rd occasion will mean they are no longer registered to their original team and will become a member of the team from the lowest grade that they filled in for.

Please be aware of the Playing Up Guidelines (MWNA website) and attached.  Note:

  • No player can play in a lower grade than registered.
  • Players can only be borrowed twice.
  • You can never borrow a NSG player!!
  • If you’re borrowing a player from a lower age or grade:
    • you MUST ask permission from their coach and obtain a copy of their photo card
    • you MUST indicate on score sheet their registered grade & team
    • each coach must keep a record of the number of games their player is borrowed