Our Committee for 2020 is as follows :-
President – Fiona Pearse & MWNA Delegate
Secretary – VACANT
Treasurer – Tracy O’Shanassy & MWNA Delegate
Uniforms – Kellie Crouch
Coaching – Gabby Hardaker
Equipment – Kate Mooney
Net Set Go – Elaina Ward & MWNA Delegate
Grading – Michelle Phippard
Junior Registrar & Main MWNA Contact – Steph La Greca
Cadets Registrar – Samantha O’Shanassy
Seniors Registrar – Nicolette Galewski
Umpiring – Gill Anderson & MWNA Delegate
Independent – Belinda Gremmo
Web & IT – Kate Thomas
We cannot operate in 2019 without a Club Secretary – put simply, MWNA will not allow us to participate without one.  I have stayed on in President in the hope that any incoming Secretary might see that I’m hanging around and think the role might therefore be a bit easier to transition into.    If we do not have someone to put up their hand by the end of December we will have to look at a paid / outsourced Club Secretary.  It will mean an increase in fees .
We have a wonderful and hard working Committee who are now fairly experienced and are really good at just getting on with the job.  This is the most help we have ever had on the Committee – incredible – and we are all grateful but we do need a Club Secretary to make sure that everything is just ticking over.  We have systems and processes in place so a lot of hard work has been done.