MWNA have provided us with three proposed Reboot Competition Structures for 2020 commencing 18 July 2020.
The Net Set Go comp structure is the main difference between each proposal. The Comp Reboot structure related to U10-Seniors does not change with each proposal.

There is much up for discussion at the MWNA Council Meeting on Monday night and we would like your feedback.
In particular we would like to hear from our NSG Teams to provide some feedback about their preferences as the changes affect their playing timeslot more than any other age group & grade.

The Competition Reboot and Supporting Documents are attached but in short;

  • Competition commences the weekend of 18 July 2020 ( post School Holidays) and is a 10 week competition.
  • The competition will be held at one location – Curl Curl Netball Courts.
  • The U10-Seniors competition is planned for Saturday between 8.30am-4.30pm. The timeslots follow mostly the planned timings of age groups for 2020 but have allowances built in for social distancing and hygiene / cleaning of premises / crowd dispersement / etc to allow for a Season being played in a Covid-19 environment.
    There are some changes to the timings so please review the attached document for more information.
  • Spectators limited to 1 person per player
  • Full length games with usual interval breaks
  • Cadets & Seniors Matches are ALL on hard courts
  • Filling on for teams that are short has been considered and playing up guidelines therefore relaxed in relation to how many times this can occur. See attached document for more information.
  • There will be 6, 7 & 8 Team Grades.
    6 Team Grades will be a first past the post competition.
    NSG will be a straight 10 week competition for all.
    7 & 8 Team Grades will feature everyone playing eachother once and then diving the grade into top 4 & bottom 4 and these teams then play eachother again in a round robin format with a playoff for Gold Medal & Blue Medal ( more info required from MWNA on this).
  • Proposed dates 18/7, 27/7, 1/8, 9/8, 15/8, 22/8, 29/8, 5/9, 12/9, 19/9, 26/9 (wet weather game)
  • No Photo Cards
  • Sign on sheets simply ticked off – no handling of sheets by players (only Managers)
    Same person scores for the whole Game -n stands 1.5m away from other opposing Team Scorer
  • Late Rego opens 25 June 2020.
  • Withdrawals will be considered by the Grading Committee. Submissions for withdrawal need to be made in writing with supporting documentation and will be considered on merit. Closing date for submissions 5 July 2020. (more info required from MWNA on this).  5 Original Team Members needed to constitute same grade.
  • Refunds to be advised.  No form guidelines have been provided by Netball NSW. Their advice is that we will receive something in the next 2 weeks.

You will note from the document provided that NSG has three alternatives proposed;
1. Friday afternoon / evening games played over timeslots tbc
2. Saturday afternoon games played at either 1.30pm, 2.50pm, 4.10pm
3. Sunday afternoon games played over timeslots tbc

This is the significant difference to a regular Season.



2020 NSG Plan 13.6 (1)

2020 Playing Up Guidelines FINAL 13.6.20 – Sheet1


We would appreciate NSG families complete the attached questionnaire to provide us with guidance as we discuss the Proposals on Monday night at the MWNA Council Meeting to ensure we represent our members appropriately.  

Please find the form below.

If you have any additional feedback regarding the Competition and you / your daughter plays in the U10-Seniors Competition we would love to hear from you before Monday evening.

The above form can also be used.  We are not all going to agree on everything but if we have definitive themes and responses we can ensure we appropriately advocate for our Members

Thank You – QNC Committee